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 DUBAI–Manage, Get Resources, Upgrade Your Character – Meta Force and Lado Okhotnikov Announced the Development of a Long MMO Game With Meta Force, the future of the metaverses is getting closer. The company creates innovative solutions by combining blockchain, virtual reality and social media technologies to provide users with unique and immersive experiences in the digital world.

Scaling MMO games1 is a complex task that requires planning and implementation. The main difficulty is a cross-platform capability, availability in different regions of the world, support for various functions and regular content updates, Lado Okhotnikov, a Meta Force CEO, a founder and a mastermind of the project. 

Security is key for us, especially when we use cryptocurrency and NFT technology. The developers have been given a task of protecting player data, preventing fraud and ensuring transparency in the economic model.

Development of the game began in 2022. According to the roadmap presented on the official Meta Force website, the launch of early access is planned for the 1st quarter of 2024. Technical issues are handled by a team of experienced specialists in the field of MMO games and blockchain. More than 100 people are involved, including programmers, designers, producers and marketers.

The goal of the project is to create an MMO game based on blockchain technology. It will use cryptocurrency and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to monetize content. Participants will be able to sell and exchange game assets. Bar games, dance battles, customizing avatars, collecting resources and completing tasks – all this will allow you to earn experience. It is also planned to introduce unusual mechanics to improve the gameplay.

We’re raising the bar in personal growth and character customization. To make avatars unique in the digital world, players will be able to improve and edit units using upgrades. Participants will also have the opportunity to purchase, rent and manage personal, commercial and urban real estate. Owning entire virtual neighborhoods or a small house is your choice,” Lado Okhotnikov, SEO of Meta Force.

The developers have set themselves the ambitious task of taking the MMO genre to a new level, using the latest technological advances in the field of VR. Investments in the project have already been attracted, which will allow the product to enter the market in 2024.

Economic model, design, gameplay – Lado Okhotnikov about MMOs

The popular Play-to-Earn format, for example, used in The Sandbox, Roblox and other projects built on the blockchain, suggests the possibility of immersion in a virtual environment. There are many monetization models out there, including subscriptions, boosters, and advertising. Our task is to find a balance between efficiency for those who play to earn money and those who are looking for entertainment,” Lado Okhotnikov about the commercial component.

Distinctive features of the Meta Force project:

  • A virtual world created inside the blockchain.
  • New mechanics with exciting gameplay.
  • An ever-scaling ecosystem where in-game success translates into real value through NFTs.

Unique offer: 

  • Play-to-Earn experience that redefines virtual gaming.
  • Exciting quests and adventures.
  • Real possibilities for content personalization.

To stand out from the competition, Meta Force plans to offer a unique and exciting gameplay experience. This requires significant investment in research, analysis and development, but such a move will help win the attention of millions of players.

Stages of MMO game development

After successful completion of alpha and beta testing, the game within the metaverse will be available to everyone. This event will mark the beginning of a new era of virtual entertainment, giving gamers the opportunity to immerse themselves in unique and immersive fictional worlds.

Upon completion of preliminary testing, the developers will make additional adjustments. This will improve gameplay and provide the best gaming experience. After which we will continue to develop Game Zone, concluded Lado Okhotnikov.

Meta Force is looking forward to presenting its new development to the public. Follow announcements in official sources to be the first to know about new releases.

About Meta Force

Meta Force is one of the key players in the metaverse industry, offering cutting-edge solutions for immersive virtual reality. The company strives for benchmark quality in the WEB3 field. The Polygon blockchain used in its work provides high throughput and low commissions. Based on smart contracts, the company’s infrastructure is protected from external interference, thereby providing additional security to users.


1MMO game is a multiplayer online game in which many participants are present simultaneously in the virtual world. These games are often called “long games” because their format offers vast, open worlds with countless challenges, features, and content. This creates a feeling of endless space for character exploration and development.


Based on materials from Dan Michael

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