MUNCIE, Ind.–The Youth Interior Design Forum (YIDF) at Ball State University is thrilled to announce the 2024 workshop series on-campus and online, designed to cater to high school students of all grade levels who have an interest in interior design. Workshops offer an immersive educational experience, providing valuable insights into the dynamic world of interior design and equipping students for future endeavors in the field.

Founded with the mission to inspire and prepare the next generation of interior designers, YIDF provides hands-on learning experiences and direct engagement with industry professionals. Students gain practical skills and invaluable knowledge that lay the foundation for their academic pursuits and future career.

The YIDF holds particular significance for graduating seniors planning to pursue interior design programs in the upcoming fall semester. By participating in these workshops, students acquire essential insights and skills that facilitate a smooth transition into college life and afford them with a head start in their interior design studies.

YIDF stands as the premier summer program for pre-college training in the field of interior design, boasting a rich history of attracting participants from 25 states and several countries.

Throughout the workshops, students will partake in a variety of activities aimed at honing skills and deepening understanding of interior design concepts. From exploring 2D and 3D design principles to mastering drawing techniques, color theory, and comprehending the impact of interior environments on human behavior, participants will emerge with a well-rounded portfolio (a prerequisite for many colleges interior design programs) and an official certificate of completion validating their achievements.

A highlight of the YIDF workshops is the opportunity for students to interact closely with industry professionals, gaining valuable insights and perspectives into the multifaceted world of interior design. Through engaging guest lectures and enlightening Q+A sessions led by creative industry representatives, students are inspired to pursue their passion and pathway toward interior design.

With a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, the YIDF workshops promise to deliver a comprehensive introduction to the field, welcoming students from all corners of the country to join the transformative journey in 2024.

For more information about the Youth Interior Design Forum and to register, please visit Youth Summer Design Forum or contact Mr. Reza Ahmadi at 765.285.1471. email:


Mr. Reza Ahmadi