Beal University Welcomes Josh Hamilton as the New Provost and Senior VP of Academic Affairs

Bangor, ME–  Beal University is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Josh Hamilton as the new Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, bringing with him an important blend of professional and academic experience in a commitment to advance academic excellence at Beal University.

Dr. Hamilton has a distinguished academic background, holding his doctorate in nursing from Rush University in Chicago. At the University of Wyoming he earned a baccalaureate degree in Natural Science and Mathematics as well as a master’s degree in Nursing. He is nationally certified as a psychiatric-mental health nurse; family nurse practitioner; family psychiatric nurse practitioner, tele-mental healthcare provider, legal nurse consultant, and nurse educator.

Dr. Josh Hamilton

He has worked with a variety of academic institutions, most recently as Assistant Vice President and Dean at Rasmussen University, headquartered in Bloomington, MN, to develop, launch and seek successful accreditation for one of the largest portfolio collections of graduate-level Nursing degrees in the nation. He is well-known within the healthcare community as a frequent conference presenter, podcast guest and key industry opinion leader. He has garnered a reputation for his innovative approach to education and a proven track record of success.

Dr. Hamilton continues to serve as President & Chief Clinical Officer with The Hamilton Group Behavioral Health where he has leveraged innovations like telehealth, psychometric screening and precision medicine to improve clinical outcomes. His expertise in healthcare, coupled with his embrace of technology aligns seamlessly with Beal University’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and forward-thinking academic environment.

In a recent interview, Dr. Hamilton expressed his enthusiasm for Beal University stating, “I am motivated by a deep passion for advancing education and creating an environment where students can thrive intellectually and personally. Beal University has been around since 1891; we are committed to the community, and I think that has always been our call to action. That is, how can we engage someone who lives and works in a particular area where they’re our neighbors and help them get ahead? I think our programs speak to that motivation.”

Addressing the challenges and opportunities in contemporary education, Dr. Hamilton shared his insights on the evolving landscape. “Education is at a crossroads, with technology and innovation reshaping how we teach and learn. It’s crucial for institutions to embrace change while preserving the core values that make education transformative. At Beal University, we will navigate these shifts strategically, ensuring our students receive a world-class education that prepares them for the challenges of tomorrow.” Dr. Hamilton outlined his aspirations for Beal University, emphasizing a collaborative and student-centered approach. “My goal is to cultivate an environment that fosters academic excellence, innovation, and inclusivity. We will work closely with faculty, staff, and students to enhance existing programs and embrace emerging educational technologies.”

Confident about propelling Beal University to new heights of academic success, Dr. Hamilton stated, “There are ways to pair disciplines together to create real differentiators, whether those are formal degree programs, micro credentials or certificate programs to really say, ‘Hello, America. we’re out here!’ We’re doing something that no one else is doing with high quality! We’re offering it in an easily consumable format and in a distance environment which will allow us to scale and expand regionally and, in some cases, internationally.”

Beal University is thrilled to welcome Dr. Josh Hamilton to the leadership team and eagerly anticipates the positive impact he will have on Beal University’s future.

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