New Book by Brent Oster and Gunnar Newquist Promises to Reshape the Future of AI

Santa Clara, CA–Brent Oster and Gunnar Newquist, two industry experts, are proud to launch their new book, “Artificial General Intelligence: A Revolution Beyond Deep Learning and The Human Brain”

Artificial General Intelligence. A Revolution Beyond Deep Learning and The Human Brain

This groundbreaking book offers an in-depth exploration of the next frontier in artificial intelligence. Authored by Brent Oster, a distinguished ten-year veteran engineer in AI, and Gunnar Newquist, a renowned PhD in Neuroscience, this book is set to redefine the AI landscape and stimulate discussions about the possibilities and limitations of artificial general intelligence (AGI).

In the Book, Brent Oster and Gunnar Newquist point out the obvious questions about today’s AI like: “What are the reasons for the lack of AI that science fiction promises today? Why are household robots not cleaning homes, doing laundry, and cooking? Why is fluent conversation with truly intelligent artificial agents on devices and online not possible, and why do speech AIs still make obvious mistakes? Why do cars have steering wheels and why are they not fully autonomous and driving themselves?”

They also added, “One would argue no. Today, rather than nascent, but emerging, intelligence in machines, one actually has something entirely different called narrow AI, that will never be capable of these feats. However, AI that could do all of the marvels that one envisions in their science fiction, the functions that are so fundamental to human intelligence, is called Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Key Highlights of the book “Artificial General Intelligence: A Revolution Beyond Deep Learning and The Human Brain” address these issues:

Cutting-Edge Insights: The book does a summary of where deep learning AI is today, being applied to narrow applications, does a deep dive into human neuroscience, then reveals cutting-edge research, innovations, and breakthroughs that could pave the way for AGI’s realization, discussing advancements in neural networks, genetic algorithms and more.

Real World Applications: The book goes into detailed implementation of AGI in various fields, including robotics, multimedia, finance, medicine, law, and defense. The authors examine the impact that AGI will have in each of these fields as it evolves to become a global superintelligence.

Accessible to All Audiences: While rooted in technical expertise, the book is designed to be accessible to a broad range of readers, including AI enthusiasts, students, professionals, and policymakers.

“Artificial General Intelligence: A Revolution Beyond Deep Learning and The Human Brain” was released on December 21, 2023 and is available through Amazon Kindle Books. Join the conversation and be part of the AGI revolution by ordering your copy today.

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About the Authors:

Brent Oster is a ten-year veteran engineer in artificial intelligence and has worked on numerous AI projects at top companies while he was a deep learning Sr. Solution Architect at NVIDIA, then as the CTO of ORBAI (

Gunnar Newquist holds a PhD in Neuroscience and has a deep understanding of the human brain’s functions and has worked on brain-inspired architectures in robotics. Together, they provide a unique perspective on AGI.

About the Book:

“Artificial General Intelligence: A Revolution Beyond Deep Learning and The Human Brain” offers a comprehensive exploration of the next frontier in artificial intelligence built on a solid background of today’s deep learning and human neuroscience.

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