Dubai, March 13, 2024 — Carl Runefelt, the esteemed crypto expert, award-winning serial entrepreneur and motorsport enthusiast, has recently acquired a Formula 2 car as a tribute to his two-year partnership with Campos Racing and Ralph Boschung.

In 2022, Carl Runefelt entered into a multi-million USD sponsorship agreement with Ralph Boschung and Campos Racing. Through this deal, Carl also promoted the mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies as the sponsorship payment as well as the purchase of the F2 car itself were executed using cryptocurrency.

The car that successfully featured in the 2022 and 2023 F2 seasons will now be prominently displayed inside Carl’s corporate office located on the 40th floor of the Media One Tower in Dubai, honoring the motorsports legacy of Campos Racing and Ralph Boschung.

Carl Runefelt and his Formula 2 Car in his Dubai office

Celebrating A Thrilling Formula 2 Partnership

The acquisition of the Campus Racing Formula 2 car marks the culmination of a remarkable two-year partnership between Carl Runefelt, Campos Racing, and Ralph Boschung. The placement of the car within Carl Runefelt’s corporate office holds deep significance, serving as a symbol of both his passion for motorsport and his dedication to philanthropy. The two-year collaboration not only witnessed exceptional performances in the F2 races but also reflected Carl’s commitment to go the extra mile for children with Down Syndrome.

The continued support for children with down syndrome is deeply rooted in Carl’s first-hand experience with his little brother who also has down syndrome. Throughout the two F2 seasons, a QR code had been placed on the car to receive donations for charity organizations that support children with Down Syndrome.

Carl Runefelt and Ralph Boschung together with members of the Campos Engineers Team in The Moon Group Officein Dubai

Honoring a Legacy

During the partnership with Campos Racing and Ralph Boschung, Carl placed a picture with his brother on the car. The car stands as a tangible reminder of the exhilarating races, the charitable initiatives, and the spirit of camaraderie that defined this remarkable collaboration.

Carl Runefelt has been documenting his partnership with Campos Racing and Ralph Boschung as well as the arrival of the Formula 2 car at his office in Dubai on his YouTube channel. This significant addition not only underscores his deep commitment to the sport but also brings the thrilling world of Formula 2 racing closer to his audience, offering an unprecedented glimpse into the high-octane universe of professional motorsport. Watch Carl’s latest video about the arrival of his Formula 2 car:

Carl Runefelt and Ralph Boschung celebrating the arrival of the Formula 2 Car in The Moon Group office, Dubai

About Carl Runefelt

Carl Runefelt is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and the CEO of The Moon Group. The Moon Group is on a mission to empower visionary entrepreneurs in the web3 space and drive the adoption of decentralized technologies. He is also the Founder of, a leading platform connecting top talent with the leading opportunities in the crypto and blockchain industry. More information about Carl Runefelt: