Connecticut Musician, Arranger, Composer and Producer Debuts Online Media Platform

Glastonbury, Connecticut- James A Norkawich, a professional and accomplished musician from Glastonbury Connecticut, has developed an online streaming station that covers a multitude of media outlets such as Youtube, ROKU , Amazonfirestick and Apple TV. James A Norkawich has over 25 years in broadcasting on air in New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania and in the early days of the internet he spearheaded a show on, which was a multi-format platform that was on the internet from 2006-2012. In one year James was able to reach 176 countries and amass over 6.1 million listeners in one year. Now in 2023, James has taken his format and created a new format. The format consists of highlighting the arts, music, entertainment, and ever subject in between that has interest to the people in the cities and towns in Connecticut as well as the Tri-State Area. In addition, the platform will highlight people of special interest not only from Connecticut but all 50 states and most major countries as well.

James believes that its important that we share and showcase the positive things in our world that usually go unnoticed because we live in an ever-changing world where the negative things usually become the important media of the day. From the independent artists, to the small authors, or the business owners who have a unique product or trending restaurants in the area or the events that are like any-other, Noteworthy Live TV will be on the air capturing the core of what is taking place. We pride ourselves on delivering quality entertainment from people in all walks of life from all over this world.

Noteworthy Live TV is looking for people from every spectrum of the country and the world. If someone has a story, is a musician, or wants to produce and do something that is exciting and unique and looking for a voice. We would love to hear from you and just maybe you might find yourself on our platform telling and showing the world what you can do.

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