The show series tentatively titled Who’s On? was rejected by all the major networks, CBS, NBC, ABC, & FOX, as well as OTT’s Mark Burnett. Show creator Richard Sutherland remained stoic about the news that the networks wouldn’t even review his treatment. It really did not surprise him. “It takes a lot of work to break into show business these days” Sutherland says, “and there’s a lot of closed doors, but when one door closes, another one opens up.”

The television series conjured by Sutherland about a manager for a rock band who dreams up a reality television series – where unknown hot shot guitar players are pitted against one another in a live performance in front of a voting audience – and tries to pitch it to the big networks might have to find a prospective buyer in a more receptive foreign country, one that also has television.

Russia has one hundred and forty-four million people, and they have television, so it would be a viable country to host a show like Sutherland imagines, but there’s a problem. Russia and the United States aren’t getting along too well right now.

If only Russia and the U.S. were on better terms, like in the old days, Sutherland could then take his pitch to Channel One Russia without the threat of being called a Putin puppet.

To this end, Sutherland says he’s willing to act as negotiator between the U.S. and Russia in a neutral country to be determined; he’ll do anything to get his pitch in front of Russian television producers who would almost certainly be more receptive than American television networks.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was not very nice, but then Sutherland’s also sensitive to the encroachment of NATO bases in Europe as being one of the catalysts to the Russian invasion. Both parties appear to share some responsibility, and Sutherland says he’s just the man to forge a peace treaty. In fact, Sutherland says if he can get both parties to the table, he’s pretty sure he can get a deal done in three days.

Who’s On? show creator Richard Sutherland based the television series he conjured on his own life as the manager of the rock bands R.U. Serious and the SeeWhyEh. The lineup of the latter cannot be disclosed for obvious reasons, but for all intents and purposes R.U. Serious appears to be George (the Anvil) Kenney on drums, Courtney Whitney on bass, Sid Huff on vocals, and George (the Hammer) MacArthur on the electric guitar.

Sutherland’s first attempt at producing a music video for the rock band The Next Machine was flop, racking up only a few hundred views in its first year, but Richard Sutherland says when one door closes, another one opens up. The first single, Wild Thing, from their forthcoming double album Are You Serious R.U. Serious has been getting a lot of attention in the music industry. The video for Wild Thing is dropping any day now.

Pinkfong’s Baby Shark is the most watched video in Youtube history with thirteen billion views, but the band believes it can surpass Baby Shark’s view count with their video for Wild Thing. The band puts their odds of exceeding Baby Shark view count at two to one.

Sutherland says he’s looking forward to working with both President J. Biden and Prime Minister Putin, and he’s set up a hotline to take calls from Washington and Moscow.

The number Richard Sutherland can be reached at is: 705-464-1316