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From the streets of Brooklyn to the Corporate Boardroom, Dr. Tony Vercillo has overcome many obstacles in life to achieve a modicum of success. After years of prompting from his students, Dr. Vercillo has unleashed his 30 years of experience in a new podcast geared toward helping individuals achieve new heights of achievement.

Episode 1 of Ask the Doc launches on December 1st, 2023. The Ask the Doc Podcast covers such topics as Stock Market Investing, how to buy a home, how to buy or lease a car, how and when to invest in yourself, and other life lessons to help you enhance your life experience.

The first episode covers the topic landscape that will be addressed throughout the podcast series. The second and subsequent episodes will address 10 separate areas of life we need to understand to be successful.

The podcast includes “secret” episodes whereby Dr. Vercillo reveals specific strategies he uses to create passive income.

The Ask the Doc podcast will also interview industry leaders and stock market gurus to uncover the inside methods being used to create a financial windfall.

The Ask the Doc podcast is dedicated to teaching the viewers/listeners 10 Life Lessons that will greatly impact an individual’s success profile.

“After 20 years of teaching seniors and master’s students at the University level, it became brutally obvious to me that many students were not well equipped to handle what life throws at them, says Dr. Vercillo.”

Listeners can subscribe to Ask the Doc on YouTube, or for a slight fee (to see the secret episodes), on Patreon. To listen to the inaugural episode and to subscribe, you can also go to to learn more about the podcast.

For more information, please contact Dr. Tony Vercillo AT INFO@DRTONYVERCILLO.COM.