OYA Resorts is thrilled to announce a partnership with Rigan Machado, Founder of Rigan Health and Derhy Enterprises, Inc

NEW YORK, March 10th,  2023

The stylish OYA Resorts — where rooms average $450 per night and also large private villas, up to $1,500 per night — has entered into a strategic partnership with Celebrity Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Master Rigan Machado, Founder of Rigan Health and Derhy Enterprises, Inc., its CEO, Marco Derhy. 

Derhy is an entrepreneur at heart, Investing in diverse sectors. A marketing and PR expert. The overall partnership aims to enhance OYA’s global business expansion and the Guest experience at OYA Resorts by also providing personalized and integrated global public relations and marketing expertise.

OYA sets itself apart from the traditional volume-driven first-class hospitality resorts as it is a platform that concentrates on providing bespoke and individually-curated experiences. The present and future alternatives offer a boutique environment and accommodate a maximum of 60 guests, spread over an extensive area between 100 to 250 acres, ensuring complete privacy for all members. While OYA offers all the amenities of luxury resorts, including exclusive spa services and private chefs, their longevity retreats offer an experience that differs from a traditional inn. The cabins are designed and constructed to create a connection with nature and its elements, while the outdoor spa celebrates ancient wisdom and tradition. The holistic chefs prepare farm-to-table meals, and an expert team introduces members to the latest and most advanced technologies to achieve their longevity objectives. Visitors can control their daily routine, explore their inner potential, meander through the gardens, or utilize AI-operated aquaponic containers to harvest produce, cook meals, and set schedules.

A famous Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu artist Rigan Machado recently joined OYA Resorts to publicize its product and services. “I truly love OYA company’s Concept and OYA products.” said Rigan Machado,” These products have the same philosophy and culture as Jiu-Jitsu. And it’s fascinating for me to invite my global circle into the world of OYA.”


About OYA Resorts:-

Oya locations allow guests to enjoy the world’s best well-being, longevity, and transformation. In today’s intense world where burnout and stress levels are at an all-time high, OYA locations will provide an escape allowing guests to choose from a wide variety of services from East to West and from cutting-edge technology to old-world wisdom of indigenous tribes.

It integrates ancient ways of being and healing rituals. It is old in that it looks to incorporate the pearls of wisdom from the past that we have discarded. New in that it uses the latest knowledge in longevity and healing. New in that it has the most up-to-date tech in the biohacking sector for health tracking. Old and new in that it combines AI and robotics to implement old organic growing methods. OYA integrates you into nature, your skin, and your mind so that you can go on your personalized journey to health, wellness, and wisdom to create a lifestyle that fits your past, present, and future—a truly integrative and embodied experience.

About Founders of OYA Resorts—Mayan and Michala Metzler

Mayan came to New York in 98 after his military service in Israel. From 2000 to 2010, he partnered with a firm that attempted to become a national remodeling firm. He then started his national kitchen showroom chain, German Kitchen Center, which he runs today with his wife, Michala Metzler. They also began MyPlanet, a non-profit organization, in 2006. Their goals were always to do what they could to help the world. Today, the 5D Group owns and operates entities in various industries, including OYA, German Kitchen Center, MyCobriah (biomedical research group), and more.

About Rigan Machado ;

Master Rigan Machado is a living legend in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is considered by many to be one of the greatest grapplers ever to walk the face of the planet. Master Rigan holds the prestigious Red and White Belt and is the nephew of the Legendary Grandmaster Carlos Gracie. He achieved his legendary stature at the world championship level by amassing a record like never been seen again. Machado holds a victory over Ron Tripp. Machado currently teaches out of his Beverly Hills California Academy and is an instructor to notable students such as Ashton Kutcher, Vin Diesel, Keanu Reeves, Wiz Khalifa, and Charlie Hunnam from the television show Sons of Anarchy, to name a few.

About Derhy Enterprises:

Derhy Enterprises Invests in diverse sectors, committed to business development in the global marketplace and PR. Marco Derhy, the Founder of Derhy Enterprises, is a Business Strategist expert. He is an entrepreneur at heart, a Bestselling Author, a PR expert, and an advisory Director. Derhy Enterprises aids with the management and growth of businesses, particularly for public figures.

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