MONTEBELLO, Calif.–GreenStruxure, a leading Energy as a Service company, recently commissioned state-of-the-art onsite renewable energy microgrids for Bimbo Bakeries USA, the leading baking company in the United States, at its California facilities. This marks a significant milestone in Bimbo Bakeries USA’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Sustainable Future through Technology

In 2022, GreenStruxure and Bimbo Bakeries USA entered into a long-term Energy Services Agreement to design, build, operate, and maintain onsite renewable energy microgrids systems for six of its California bakeries – Montebello, Placentia, Oxnard, San Luis Obispo, South San Francisco, and Sacramento. The financing was provided by GreenStruxure’s strategic partner ClearGen LLC, a Blackstone company.

As part of the Energy Services Agreement, GreenStruxure designed and built the on-site renewable energy microgrids that it now operates and maintains. Through its best-in-class Beyondthegrid® digital services platform, GreenStruxure gives complete transparency on portfolio performance, including zero-carbon energy, peak demand management, and optimized use of energy from the grid and its on-site system.

This collaboration advances Bimbo Bakeries USA‘s sustainability and decarbonization goals, including reducing its carbon footprint and limiting its reliance on grid energy. The microgrids at the facilities will reduce nearly 20% of CO2e emissions. In addition, the site is future-ready for added resiliency and EV charging.

“We are excited to partner with Bimbo Bakeries USA in their decarbonization journey.” said Jose Lorenzo Lista, GreenStruxure’s CEO“Our standardized and modular on-site microgrid supplies clean, reliable, and affordable energy. It comes with a best-in-class AI platform, Beyondthegrid, for active energy management and asset management, as well as insights on portfolio performance. Together, we’re shaping a more sustainable future.”

Commitment to Green Initiatives

“It is our responsibility, as part of Grupo Bimbo – the world’s largest baking company, to be a leader in sustainability,” said Chris Wolfe, Bimbo Bakeries USA’s Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability“Our goal is to protect and preserve the planet. The microgrid systems at these six bakeries are another step in lowering our overall carbon footprint.”

The onsite microgrids are a shining example of how Bimbo Bakeries USA is leveraging green technology to achieve its sustainability objectives. The system, designed and built by GreenStruxure, utilizes solar panels and battery storage to generate clean, reliable, and cost-effective energy for the bakery’s operations. This reduces Bimbo Bakeries USA’s dependence on the traditional grid and minimizes its environmental impact.

“We are glad to see GreenStruxure recognized today by an industry leader like Bimbo Bakeries USA for delivering the outcomes of these innovative technologies and contributing to accomplishing Bimbo’s sustainability objectives. The solution is future-ready to expand to electrification and resilience and is natively integrated with Resource Advisor for full transparency and reporting.” said Jana Gerber, Microgrid President, Schneider Electric North America. GreenStruxure is a JV created by Schneider Electric to deliver Energy as a Service to C&I customers through standardized microgrids, EcoStruxure Microgrid solutions, and asset management capabilities.

Rob Howard, CEO for ClearGen LLC, stated, “ClearGen is proud to support the sustainability journey of Bimbo Bakeries USA through our partnership with GreenStruxure. Our collaboration with Bimbo and GreenStruxure underscores ClearGen’s commitment to providing both efficient capital solutions and expertise, empowering businesses to flourish while advocating for environmental stewardship.”

GreenStruxure provides Energy as a Service (EaaS), which is an outcome-based model that removes the development and operational risks from businesses. GreenStruxure designs, builds, operates, and maintains onsite microgrids and delivers energy-as-a-service for clients under a long-term energy services agreement. This arrangement provides clients cost-effective, sustainable, reliable, and resilient electricity.

“Energy as a Service allows companies to bypass the challenges associated with traditional energy and limit the exposure to rising utility prices,” said Jose Lorenzo Lista. “It’s a cost-effective way for companies to mitigate risk while making a positive environmental impact.”

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the renewable energy microgrids was held on March 12, 2024, at the Bimbo Bakeries USA Montebello bakery, the largest of the six microgrids.

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