Houston Home Security Company Alert 360 Announces Recent Crime, Emergency Events

Houston security system and alarm company, Alert 360, shares recent crimes, emergencies, and other security system events. These security system alerts are actual crimes or emergencies in the Houston area and beyond. During these events, professional alarm dispatch agents, monitoring security systems or cameras, worked with local emergency professionals to save lives or property. An overall increase in security cameras around Houston also has assisted in capturing criminals, gathering evidence, and keeping neighborhoods safer.

During one recent event, an Alert 360 agent detected suspicious activity at a local business. Two individuals, dressed in black and wearing masks, were observed tampering with one of the security cameras. An alarm agent dispatched local police who apprehended both suspects before any further damage could be done. In another example, a couple at Brett’s BBQ Shop in Katy, Texas, left without paying and after drinking high-end bourbon at the bar. Restaurant staff used Alert 360’s camera video to identify and locate the thieves within a few hours.

In response to bolder criminals, the best alarm systems companies in Houston have developed more advanced security systems. As these recent crimes demonstrate, installing a monitored security system has proved invaluable. Top benefits of installing a business or home security system are to prevent crime and save lives. Added benefits include preventing property damage and reducing insurance costs. The most effective security systems include options such as live or remote video monitoring, video doorbell cameras, and two-way voice cameras. Security cameras and monitored video provide extra eyes on your property, faster response, and critical evidence during or after an emergency.

Remote video monitoring introduced last year by Alert 360 helps capture home break ins and burglaries to businesses faster, with the benefit of images. Intrusion detection, along with outdoor security cameras or video monitoring are especially popular in Houston’s high-end neighborhoods for both homes and commercial businesses.

Often, criminals go where they believe they are most hidden or least detected, which is when video cameras and alarm monitoring agents really help. Recently, a remote video monitoring agent observed two males enter a protected patio area at a Houston church. They searched in cabinets on site and then sat at a table and began using drugs. The Alert 360 agent quickly dispatched the local police and notified the customer. The police arrived and arrested the subjects. The Alert 360 agent also directed them to where she had watched the intruders hide their drugs.
Every day, local Houston security systems company Alert 360 responds to emergencies. These emergencies include carbon monoxide leaks, armed robberies, medical panic alerts, fire alarms, vehicle theft, vacation home break-ins, and more.

Statistics prove that just the presence of a security system sign and cameras reduces crime. When leading alarm monitoring companies work closely with local emergency personnel, it helps keep communities safer. Security system experts suggest starting with a top-rated, local security company that offers security evaluations.

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