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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES– Inalai Worldwide, a breakthrough financial educational startup, is ready to alter the financial landscape with its unique combination of education, live trading chances, and cutting-edge AI technology. The company’s objective is to empower a million consistent traders by promoting personal development and financial success through Inalai University (IU), a comprehensive training platform that takes you from beginner to advanced trading.

Trailblazing Framework

Inalai provides a variety of services, including beginner to advanced educational classes, live trading rooms with professional educators, trade ideas, and mentorship. Inalai University offers over 25 educational videos in several languages, creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment. The academy, created by experienced professionals, provides students with the knowledge and abilities they need to confidently navigate financial markets.

We want to create a powerful culture. Culture wins Championships”

— Alton Patterson, Co-Founder, and President of Team Success  

About Leadership:

Joel Theler, Co-Founder, and President of Operations:

Known as “Uncle Joel,” Joel has over two decades of MLM expertise, having led expansions into 70+ countries and facilitated sales in the millions. His dedication to financial success is shown in his efforts to guarantee that everyone at Inalai is fairly compensated.

Joel Theler can be reached out at


IG : @JoelTheler

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Alton A. Patterson, Co-Founder, and President of Team Success:

Alton, a seasoned entrepreneur, has achieved seven-figure success in Network Marketing by developing a multinational business spanning five continents. Beyond business, he is committed to preparing people for global success.

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Abu Qureshi, Co-Founder and Head of Trading and Technology

Abu brings more than a decade of expertise in network marketing. With a fervor for aiding others in their development, Abu focuses primarily on trading, implementing technology applications, and advocating for personal growth and mentorship.

Abu Qureshi can be reached out at following contacts:

Instagram : @abuqofficial

TT : abuqofficial

Email :

About Inalai Worldwide:

Inalai’s unique approach combines forex trading and affiliate marketing to create winners. The pay plan is team-focused, rewarding leaders for assisting others in successful trading. Inalai combines the world’s largest financial market with network marketing to enable consumers to get benefited  using everyday technology such as phones or laptops. Readers are encouraged to visit Inalai’s recent press release for further details: