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JilCat Proline Announces Supplier Partnership with Walmart

Four of JilCat Proline’s Top Selling Automotive Additives/Supplements Will Be Available for Purchase on

Berkeley, CA — May 18, 2023: JilCat™, a distributor of multi-purpose diesel & fuel engine conditioners, is celebrating the release of 4 of its most advanced products on, starting with top seller: JilCat Proline CVT Supplement. Crafted specifically for vehicles with continuously variable transmissions, the patented and eco-friendly lubricant is formulated to extend gear life, promote smoother operation, and reduce transmission noise. Next to launch will be JilCat Proline’s automatic transmission supplement.

The announcement follows months of hard work and preparation from the business development team behind the company and engine performance experts behind driver-favorites like The Engine Conditioner, which is designed to provide superior lubrication and promote sludge breakdown in engines.

A Game-changing “Open Call”

JilCat’s partnership with Walmart has been nearly a year in the making, starting when the company submitted an application for a chance to present its products at the 2022 Walmart Open Call.

Created for sellers who produce or assemble their products in the U.S., the event is the largest sourcing opportunity for Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs, which operate in over 5,000 retail locations and reach millions of online customers across the nation.

With over 13,000 businesses vying for the same chance, the retail giant only chose 400 applicants. Much like hit television show “Shark Tank™”, these candidates would then be able to submit a 20-minute pitch via a digital or in-person web conference.

To be considered for selection, sellers must:

  •  Own their brand
  • Make, grow, or assemble their products in the U.S.
  • Provide an overview of their product’s sales performance
  • Showcase consumer reviews and explain how the product solves a pain point etc.


It can take businesses years of applying to receive an invitation to pitch at Walmart Open Call. But much to JilCat’s surprise the company’s submission was chosen in July 2022.

At the end of their pitch, Walmart’s buyers extended an opportunity to test one of its top sellers. JilCat Proline’s CVT Supplement, later extending the offer to 3 additional products.

A Well-oiled Future

Following the partnership, JilCat’s first product to be released on is the Proline CVT Supplement. Next in line for release is Automatic Transmission Supplement along with The Engine Conditioner, for both Gas and Diesel Engines.

“We are incredibly excited about this new partnership,” said Gene Daughtry, President. “Not only does it enhance Walmart’s selection of engine products, but it also means more consumers can reap the benefits of the made in the USA, eco-friendly patented technology in its carefully crafted formulas, and exceptional product quality.”

About JilCat:

JilCat is an engine and transmission lubricant distributor with multiple eco-friendly products designed to reduce energy usage, emissions, and part degradation for a diverse range of vehicles. Its formulas have been used for over 35 years and are verified by internationally recognized laboratories. Our product/s not only lubricate, but address the CVT shudder, vibration, judder, while helping promote smoother operation, helping reduce oxidation, acid wear, helping, extend gear and transmission life, helping to reduce noise and complexity all while improving performance.

JilCat Products blend with most engine and/or transmission fluids and will not void the new vehicle warranty.

Visit today to learn more.


Roberta Long