JilCat ProlineBadge Tm outline Bolsters Production in Preparation of Inclement Weather  

The advanced lubricant is helping cars maximize performance in the harshest of weather.

Berkeley CA, Dec. 8 , 2022 /PinionNewswire/—With the forecasting of an early and longer winter, JilCat Proline has been beefing up production to prepare for orders sure to come ahead of schedule.  Not only is it being imperative vehicles are prepared for the inclement weather, said President Gene Daughtry, we must be prepared to fulfill our customer’s needs”.  

Four products in early production are 2 transmission supplements and our engine conditioners.  Those staple products protect against, and reverse sludge build-up, while protecting the metals, virtually eliminate friction ensuring optimum performance, but our All-Season Diesel Fuel Conditioner with lubricity is the go-to for cleaning fuel systems on diesel engines. With long hall drivers not seeing a break any time soon, we anticipate this product will be in greater demand this year. Combine that with Jilcat Diesel Engine Conditioner to see a real decrease in fuel usage and improvement in performance.

All Season Diesel Fuel Conditioner with lubricity offers a complete system lubrication and metal cleaning that aids in cooling of the fuel pumps, removing deposits built up in the fuel injectors, cleans and lubricates valves to cats. It stabilizes fuel in all weather, provides a clean fuel spray from injector to improve efficiency, and helps clean catalytic convertors for emissions. It helps smooth the rough idle, increases power and allows for a smother acceleration and reduces the smoking associated with diesel engines.  JilCat Proline’s products offer a technology that you’re not going to find in its competitors. 

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What makes the technology in JilCat so different? By using an electrostatic process Jilcat treats the metals, not the fluids! The supplemental technology in JilCat Proline products is not an oil additive, nor a replacement petroleum product, but a package of high-tech supplements and synthetic constituents chemically bonded together in a patented process to form a completely different EP ingredient which may easily be blended in small proportions into virtually any standard lubricant you choose. The molecules are very small, 0.1 micron in size (a human hair is 50 microns) the approximate size of a cold virus, and with the above properties Jilcat’s molecules can’t be stopped. When added to any vehicle or heavy-duty equipment’s existing lubricant package, (petroleum or synthetic), this ingredient significantly strengthens the base-lubricant’s overall protective qualities and enhances its existing additive base by providing maximum rust inhibition, anti-oxidation, and the newest, most powerful friction reducing anti-wear agent available. 

“With gasoline prices at an all-time high, drivers must ensure their vehicles are performing optimally to avoid even higher fuel costs. Our top-of-the-line lubricants can withstand even the most extreme conditions, increase your gas mileage, and keep your vehicle at their top performance. Our patented hydrocarbon technology was engineered for aerospace, tested in professional racing, and used by our military for a reason,” said JilCat President Gene Daughtry 

On another front Mr. Daughtry said “Many different vehicles makes have been built with CVT Transmissions. All CVTs can benefit from JilCat Proline CVT Supplement. Jilcat’s CVT Supplement addresses the shudders in Continuously Variable Transmissions even after technicians have told you that you need another transmission.” It reduces or omits transmission noise as well as reduces oxidation. Furthermore, it has helped extend transmission lubricant life. 

All the company’s products are registered and approved as green, eco-friendly products by the Environmental Protection Agency. JilCat Proline products have helped countless car owners in reverse years of sludge buildup while helping prevent additional damage by bringing the metal back to its original state, allowing the return of factory oil flow and protection. Moreover, the products help improve the timing and advanced functions to increase engine performance, lowers the operating temperature while reducing component wear and maintenance. This helps lowers fuel consumption as well as stop the vibration, chatter and rattles.

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Tests have been run by some of the largest companies around the world, with excellent results. From Europe, Egypt, to China, as well as a highly respected independent research and testing laboratory in San Antonio, Texas. These tests are the most stringent for products of this type, and consistent results demonstrate it exceeds the performance of all competitors and significantly enhances performance characteristics of high-quality base motor oils and gear oils.  

These products contain NO TEFLON® or PTFE RESINS, GRAPHITE, MOLYBDENUM DISULFIDE (MOLY), COPPER, LEAD, SILVER, or other metals, nor other previously used EP agents, PETRON PLUSTM DOESN’T Contain CARBON TETRACHLORIDE, 1,1,1, TRICHLOROETHANE, or CHLORINATED PARAFFINS or CHLORINATED SOLVENTS or any other harmful solvents.   

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