Peter John Anadio, CEO of Sports Bet Expert, Announces his unique sports betting company News in an Exclusive Interview with Marco Derhy

Peter Anadio, a legal sports betting consultant and entrepreneur, talks about the future of betting and business operations.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – January 12, 2023

CEO Sport-Bet-Expert Peter Anadio , Announces his exclusive interview with Marco Derhy, CEO of Derhy Enterprises. 

Peter talked about his life story, career, outstanding leadership skills, his unique sports betting expertise, and the importance of doing what you love in an exclusive interview published on the high-end popular site “Inspiring Stories“ with Marco Derhy.


Peter talked about the following Topics:

  •  Life background
  •  Social media network
  •  Successful Venture Sports Bet Expert, LLC.
  • Insights into the legal betting industry


He also gives some life lessons on chasing dreams and goals by affirming, “Do what you love and who cares what anyone else thinks? It’s not about how many trials come; it’s about how you respond when they do. Believe in yourself, your work, and your preparation. You can’t score if you don’t shoot.” Readers may read his full interview here:-


About the founder of Sports Bet Expert, LLC.

Peter is the CEO of Sports Bet Expert. He grew up as a multi-sport athlete. Attended Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Peter’s childhood was all about baseball competitively. As he was competitive, he approached every sport with a positive attitude. Athleticism, hand-eye coordination, and skill… he had it all! But he always mentally tried to outsmart his opponent. Peter not only played games but read the tendencies of his opponents to give him an edge!

Peter Anadio founded Sports Bet Expert in 2012 and expanded its operations with a sports social media network. His sports consulting firm combines algorithms, analytics, data, and human thinking for individuals looking for an edge to profit betting on sports.

Peter’s Sports Bet Expert social media network has reached phenomenal achievements and continues to grow. It reaches on average, over 40 million eyes a month to provide them with breaking up-to-date news in sports.

Not only does Peter spend a lot of time on his craft, but he also spends a lot of time Giving Back. Peter is very generous with not only his money, but his time. Spending time with the youth and unfortunate as well as giving to charities such as the Beagle Freedom Project, which is the world’s leading organization for rescuing and rehoming animals used in experimental research. The FLITE (Fort Lauderdale Independence, Training, & Education) Center who’s mission is to guide those aging out of foster care and other vulnerable youth for successful transition to independence through education, employment, housing and system of care coordination. Peter will also be attending in the future and being a potential sponsor to an event for Margaux’s Miracle. Margaux’s Miracle is a foundation created in memory of Margaux Renee Grossman by her closest friends to raise awareness of childhood cancers through various community service projects. 

About Sports Bet Expert, LLC. 

Sports Bet Expert, a sports consulting firm combining algorithms, analytics, data, and human thinking for individuals looking for an edge to profit betting on sports, announced that their platform is officially live and ready to utilize.

Not only does the Sports Bet Expert team study countless amounts of analytics and variables to ensure that its users are presented with the most accurate information and that their money is in the right spot; they also teach people to have proper betting techniques and to stay responsible. They have documented record-winning streaks of 14, 15, and 16 straight wins and huge payouts on future championship predictions, such as the Kansas City Royals at 25/1 odds to win the World Series in 2015 and Jon Rahm to win the Memorial Golf Tournament at 58/1 odds in 2020, as well as countless other big wins! The platform also comes with a money management system so users can keep track of all their wins in one place and make it easy to review top picks on the go with a beautiful, new, mobile-friendly website that separates themselves from the competition.

About Derhy Enterprises:

Derhy Enterprises invests in diverse sectors, committed to business development, Global Marketing, and PR.

Marco Derhy, the CEO of Derhy Enterprises, is a Business Strategist Expert and a global consulting firm. He is an Entrepreneur at heart, a Bestselling Author, Global Marketing, PR expert, and an advisory Director. Derhy Enterprises aids with the management and growth of businesses, particularly for public figures.


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