Orlando 2024 Conference: Transforming Primary Care - Empowering Physicians to Offer Affordable Concierge Services

“Join a doctor’s office like you join a gym! No insurance, no surprise billing, and daily access to a doctor financially motivated to get you well – all for one flat membership fee a month. It is concierge care at blue collar prices.”

Orlando, FL — The Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the sanctity of the doctor/patient relationship, is excited to announce its upcoming conference focused on the Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice model – an innovation that cuts out the middleman, bureaucrats and resurrects the old fashioned family doctor at a fraction of the cost.

 The sixth Direct Primary Care conference, themed “The League of Extraordinary Physicians” will return to Orlando, Florida this spring, from March 14 to March 16, 2024 at the Florida Hotel and Conventions Center.

The conference for licensed physicians will explain the “nuts and bolts” of launching a DPC doctor’s office. Additionally, physicians from the several thousand independently owned DPC doctor’s offices birthed over the past decade will share best practices and strategies for growing a practice and offering the latest innovations in care for general practitioners.

The Direct Primary Care type of doctor’s office operates independent of health insurance and other third-party influences, ensuring your doctor is free to exercise their clinical judgment is crafting your care – all without approvals from bureaucrats and insurance regulators.  The net result is more time for patients at a far lower cost.

The innovative of Direct Primary Care practice model, often referred to as “concierge care at blue-collar prices” is in the membership-based model.  Just like joining a gym or subscribing to an app service, the DPC doctor’s office offers often same day appointments, extended time with the doctor, and even a number to text or call their doctor directly with urgent questions.

The explosion of growth of the DPC movement across various demographics, geographic, cultural, and economic boundaries reveals the subscription model transcends obstacles in rural, suburban, and urban settings.

According to Lee Gross, MD, President of Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation, “DPC allows physicians to fulfill their idealistic dreams from medical school. It fosters a deep connection with patients, ensures continuity of care over the years, and empowers doctors to be the practitioners they aspired to be.”

Dr. Gross added, “We take pride in sponsoring this CME conference to equip physicians with the knowledge and skills needed to launch a successful direct primary care practice.”

DPC, often hailed as the antidote to physician burnout and the challenges of corporatized medicine, operates as an insurance-free model where patients pay a monthly membership fee ranging from $50 to $125. This fee provides patients with virtually daily access to a wide range of primary care services, reminiscent of the traditional town doctor, offering sick visits, checkups, and wellness training.

Independent physicians establish their practices within their communities, aiming to build a patient panel of 400 to 600 members. The economics are straightforward: just 200 patients subscribing at $75 a month can generate $180,000 in gross annual revenue. By sidestepping insurance and its reimbursement model, private practice overhead costs can decrease by 30% to 50%.

Bob Jacobs, Executive Director of the Direct Primary Care Conference, noted, “As physicians leverage the tools we provide and combine them with their entrepreneurial spirit, they create thriving practices. Doctors can take comfort in the fact that this path has been well-trodden, with a decade of physicians perfecting the DPC model.”

“The energy and enthusiasm generated by the doctors attending these conferences is unlike anything you normally see at a medical society convention or annual CME (continuing medical education) training. It’s like watching people come back to life.”

The Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation has already delivered nearly a hundred of hours of online training and organized several conferences, uniting physicians with a shared passion for promoting DPC.

Physicians quickly recognize the benefits of the Direct Primary Care Model. It eliminates the need for third-party payers, enabling doctors to exercise their clinical judgment independently, reducing bureaucratic referral systems, or other requirements unrelated to patient care.

“As numerous organizations sound the alarm regarding a national doctor shortage,” stated Foundation Board Secretary Hal Scherz, MD “DPC has proven to be a viable solution that addresses the root causes of physician burnout while enhancing the patient experience and improving outcomes.”

For more information about the sixth DPC Conference, scheduled for March 14-16, 2024, in Orlando, Florida, please visit DPCconference.com.

To schedule an interview with a Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation spokesperson, please contact Dan Rene at 202-329-8357 or dan@danrene.com.



Dan Rene

202-329-8357 or dan@danrene.com