The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association Inks Deal with Jessica Julian

Palm Beach, Florida–(PinionNewswire. December 09 , 2022) –The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with luxury Realtor Jessica Julian of Douglas Elliman. With a history of leading luxury home sales & purchases, Jessica Julian is uniquely qualified to advise and counsel the hedge fund and financial community migrating to the region for their real estate needs. 

PBHFA Founder David Goodboy commented, “The PBHFA is exceedingly selective with the service providers with whom we partner.  We only build strategic partnerships with those proven to possess the utmost integrity and high-level skills in their chosen niche.  Jessica Julian with her substantial local knowledge of the ultra-high-end market combined with global connections is the optimal real estate partner for our demanding members.” 

Jessica Julian added, “ I have been a participating member of the PBHFA for several years.  The highly engaged, financially savvy membership base is extremely impressive in both scope and size.  I am very excited to be working directly with the PBHFA over the next year!” 

The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association Inks Deal with Jessica Julian

Photo of Jessica Julian

About Jessica Julian: 

For over seven years, Jessica Julian has been helping people from around the world find homes in and around the Palm Beach area. As a Florida transplant herself, she knows the process isn’t always easy. That is why she strives to eliminate all stress and provide clients with a smooth, easy experience. If you’re ready to find the home you’ve always wanted, Jessica is the perfect person to guide you on your journey. 

Jessica combines a deep knowledge of the market with personalized service to provide clients with incredible opportunities. She is always monitoring the marketplace, keeping her eye out for the perfect deal. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent or invest, you can expect her to work tirelessly until every one of your goals has been met or exceeded. 

Jessica was born in Nebraska and attended university in Seattle. She traveled the country extensively before settling in South Florida, where she has been enjoying the state’s exceptional quality of life for eight years. She looks forward to continuing to use her expertise to help her clients live the lives they have always wanted. 

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About The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association
The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association is a South Florida trade organization with a vision of turning our region into an international financial hub.  We are reaching this vision via education, investor awareness programs, deal-making socials, and an international outreach with our partners and members.

 Our active membership consists of hedge fund managers/ professionals, ultra-high net worth investors, family offices, financial traders, investment bankers, academics, among others in the alternative asset space.

 Since launching in the autumn of 2013, we have experienced exponential growth.  It is very exciting to witness our original vision becoming a reality as large numbers of funds and money management firms continue to migrate to the Palm Beach region & South Florida.   

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