ATLANTA—-LocatorX, a leading provider in the supply chain IoT (Internet of Things) sector, today announced a strategic partnership with New Vista Capital. This partnership strengthens the company’s focus on the acceleration and next phase of growth in both the Aerospace and Defense industry and broader national security, supply chain, and manufacturing industries.

New Vista Capital, led by industry veterans Dennis Muilenburg, Kirsten Bartok Touw, and Travis Nelson, is an investment platform focused on emerging and transformational technologies in aerospace, national security, logistics, and mobility. Their portfolio of strategic partnerships and investments includes a broad array of leading-edge technology companies addressing the most pressing customer needs and highest growth opportunities in these market sectors.

Chester Kennedy, CEO at LocatorX, commented, “With the LocatorX trusted platform now available through either a direct engagement model, where our experts can assist in integrating the LocatorX data into customers unique workflows, or as a native app within Salesforce, having the expertise that Dennis and his unparalleled team of industry and government advisors brings to assist us as we scale the business in the coming months is a powerful business multiplier.”

Dennis Muilenburg, co-founder of New Vista Capital, commented on the partnership, “New Vista Capital evaluates hundreds of companies and is extremely selective in where we invest and support strategically. LocatorX is a growth-oriented company with a strong leadership team and a platform that delivers a critical supply chain IoT solution. Not only does it provide real-time visibility of mission critical assets, but it also ensures provenance is maintained across the entire supply chain and lifecycle. There are gaps in the aerospace, national security, and manufacturing supply chains and the LocatorX technology provides a solution to solve these challenges. We are excited for the opportunity to help LocatorX quickly scale to meet industry demand.”

Kennedy added, “Dennis and his team bring decades of directly relevant experience at the senior most levels in some the world’s largest companies and the highest levels of government service to the partnership. Dennis and I purposefully structured this partnership to align our collective efforts to maximize shareholder value through solving large scale industry and national security challenges.”

LocatorX’s trusted intelligent IoT platform harnesses the power of the data it collects through the unique digital fingerprint it assigns to every individual product and/or asset. By leveraging the extensive amount of intelligence collected, companies can proactively engage through the entire product lifecycle, supply chain, and beyond. LocatorX specializes in IoT for MedTech, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Defense. The LocatorX platform is a standalone solution or can be integrated with CRM, ERP, and WMS applications as well as available to sit natively within Salesforce and available as an app on AppExchange.
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New Vista is a strategic advisory, venture and private equity firm focused on transforming aerospace, space and national security. Co-founders include Kirsten Bartok Touw, Dennis Muilenburg and Travis Nelson.

New Vista’s proven team and group of advisors know how to translate promising advances into successful business results that create jobs and help fuel the economy. The multidisciplinary expertise and experience in emerging technologies, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, finance, government and regulatory, executive leadership, and talent development is a differentiator in the complex business sector. Learn more at


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