Solar Site Developers Signs Agreement to Develop 52MW of Community Solar

Needham Heights, MA

Solar Site Developers, LLC, a leading regional solar site acquisition and development firm has announced it has signed a development agreement (DSA) to develop 8-community solar projectsThe projects are in NY and VA and will be developed for a national company already operating multiple community solar projects according to Dennis Satnick, Managing Member. The projects are anticipated to have a nameplate size of 52MW.   

In addition to the recently signed DSA, Satnick confirmed that the company is finalizing an additional DSA for approximately 58MW to be developed in NY and PA within the next 45 days. 

About Solar Site Developers, LLC 

Solar Site Developers, LLC is located in Needham, MA, and focuses on acquiring, developing and fully permitting, and bringing to NTP (Notice to Proceed) both distributed generation and utility-scale solar projects in ME, CT, RI, MA, MD, NY, PA. The company has recently decided to expand into both IL and MN.   

Solar Site Developers also conduct the interconnection analysis using in-house staff and coordinate the management of each solar project via scheduled filings, reports, milestones, and expense monitoring.  

According to Steve Theran, COO, the SSD business model allows the company to absorb up to 100% of all costs associated with reaching NTP as long as any DSA covers a minimum of 3 community arrays. While the willingness to absorb up to 100% of costs for any project failing to reach NTP, to date SSD has not yet had any projects fail to reach NTP. 

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Dennis Satnick,